The barley was gold that evening…

(This poem was prompted to me by first line – The barley was gold that evening)


The barley was gold that evening.

The late birds were singing of love.

I felt the Earth move when you said you’re leaving,

The sky crashed on me from above.

The sunset stained barley with crimson,

The heavens have coloured in red.

I stared back at you disbelieving,

It’s been just a year since we wed.

The barley was black with the nightfall,

The bright moon had conquered the skies.

Your shadow had soon disappeared in the distance,

The cold wind dried tears in my eyes.

The fields lost its colours by morning,

The days grew aimless and grey.

The sky mourned with me as the rains kept pouring,

And barely stood cold and ash-grey.

The winter had come that year early,

The barren fields were covered in white.

But just as it is with the barley,

I know I’ll thrive through this plight.


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