What is love?

Yesterday I went to bed an old me and this morning I woke up a different person. A year older person! A year wiser person? Probably not… 🙂 but still.

Yes, today is my birthday. Today I’m 37. I’ve spend an amazing day with people that I love and now I’m going to finish it with a glass or two of wine.

To say thank you to everyone who found a time to send me a quick message, to congratulate me on my birthday I want to share this poem that I wrote for my Creative Writing class.

As we get older, we tend to philosophise….

What is love?
Love is everywhere…
It’s in the rhythm and the notes
composed centuries ago,
in the tight embrace of marble bodies
of ancient sculptures.
It’s in the silver streak of hair
and faces that grow old,
in movies, books and songs
of every world and culture.
It is in brief, short visits,
and in slow long walks,
in stolen glances,
and in shy half-smiles,
in fleeting touching of sleeves,
and in electric shocks
from unexpected brushing of fingers.
It’s in the quiet whispers
and in laboured breaths,
in kisses and in sweat
that are trapped amongst the shadows.
It’s in the words that shouted,
and those remained unsaid,
in summer blooms
and in the first spring flowers.
It is in smiles and tears,
in angry rows
and in joyful laughter,
In singing of a bird,
in purring of a cat,
in wagging of a tail
a long day after.
It’s indefinable!
Sensation? Or idea?
Illusive… It was here. Just now.
And then it’s gone for good.
It’s a connection, an exchange,
That we’ve spend centuries
exploring and expressing,
yet still cannot explain.
It’s a mystery.
It is an unknown force.
A force that moves our lives,
and makes it hard to handle.
It makes us laugh, it makes us cry,
it makes us feel like fools at times…
It is what makes us strong.

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