in response to Visual Verse Prompt March


Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2,
the first living creature in space,
the first man orbits the earth.
Space race won.

Late 1960s/1980s
You’ve sent a woman into the space,
but it was Armstrong who reached the moon.
Apollo-Soyuz – a historical handshake.
You’re falling behind in the race…

Your domination,
once profound,
now, is only laughable
attempt to thrive survive.

Industry’s robbed and corrupt.
Livelihoods destroyed,
lives wrecked,
yet government secrets
are protected
and the patriot’s heads
are still lifted high.

Gagarin’s “poyekhali”
is muffled
by the Crew Dragon’s
powerful roar.

Space race lost.

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